What medicinal marijuana can help with?

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09357_medical_marijuana_license_177869710_480x480_f11Nowadays, more and more people have started talking about the medical benefits of using marijuana as a means of treatment. It appears as if it no longer is a taboo it once was, and people can speak about it openly now, unlike the past, when talking about the medical benefits of this plant was all but forbidden. The scientists have even discovered that marijuana can help people with some illnesses, and now we are about to find out what is it that marijuana can be used to help with? Well, let’s see.

1 – Marijuana can help stop the spreading of HIV

Not many people expected to hear this, but only recently it was proven that marijuana can actually stop the HIV virus from spreading around the human body. And this happens because if THC, the main ingredient of marijuana. This research was done on monkeys, and it was proven that the monkeys that were given a regular dose of THC has a much higher level of cells that are completely healthy.

2 – Marijuana slows down progression of Alzheimer’s disease

In 2006, it was proven that marijuana can help slowing down the progress of Alzheimer’s disease by blocking an enzyme that is responsible for the progress of this terrible disease. But, this is not he only benefit, since marijuana can prevent the clumping of the proteins that inhibit memory and cognition.

3 – Marijuana slows down the spreading of cancer cells

cancerThis was discovered only recently, in 2012, and it was proven that marijuana can stop metastasis, but only is some forms of a cancer that is aggressive. However, a recent study has proven that marijuana can reduce the malignant cells dramatically, and cause cancer cells to immediately die out. The doctors in the UK have already use marijuana to kill the cancer cells of the patients that suffer from leukemia.

4 – Marijuana kills pain

Okay, everyone probably already knew this one, but it is worthy to mention it as well. This makes this plant a great thing to be used in a fight against such diseases as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, migraines, etc. Also, it was proven that the effect this plant can provide is a couple hundred times more powerful than an aspirin!

5 – Marijuana can help with the opiate addiction

This may seem a bit off to some, but this was proven some time ago. Marijana can actually help all those people who are suffering from addiction to all those medications that are opiate-based. This occurs because of the fact marijuana can act as a rather effective medication, and does not have as addictive qualities as these opiate-based rugs have.

So, now we know that marijuana can be used in medicine as a thing that can help people with all sorts of illnesses. It does not only limit itself to relieving pain, but it also helps with terrible diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, HIV, etc. So, in conclusion, this plant is extremely healthy, and should be allowed to be used in medicine because of its healing properties.

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Pros and Cons of Marijuana

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There has dependably been a tempest of discussion encompassing pot. It has been utilized for a large number of years for its mending and therapeutic purposes. It was smoked by our establishing fathers. A huge number of individuals smoke it today regardless of the way that just four states and the District of Columbia permit it for recreational utilization, and just 19 different states have sanctioned it for restorative utilization. All in all, why is it so disputable? We should separate the upsides and downsides.

Expert: It is solid!

Weed-and-Cash6Weed has stunning mending advantages. It can cure or mitigate side effects for different infections and sicknesses.

Weed is right now being explored for its capacity to back off the movement of crippling infections, for example, AIDS and Alzheimer’s. It can anticipate visual impairment is glaucoma patients, cure headaches and has even shown the incredible capacity to moderate the movement of growth.

Cannabis has been demonstrated to help individuals who experience the ill effects of seizures by diminishing their recurrence. There is as of now a gathering of folks attempting to get medicinal cannabis legitimized for their youngsters who experience the ill effects of such seizures.

It helps ease the ceaseless agony. It has changed the lives of individuals who battle with agonizing agony each and every day. It’s the contrast between torment at home, or going out and driving an upbeat, beneficial life.

Con? Nope!


A few naysayers point out that marijuana is smoked, and in this way must convey the same dangers that smoking cigarettes do. Not genuine! Numerous studies have demonstrated that smoking pot does NOT bring about lung disease.

Ace: It can’t hurt you!

Maryjane has never been accounted for as bringing on a solitary passing. NOT ONE. Weed is a substance you can appreciate without the stress of how it can hurt you. It is not addictive like numerous different solutions or medications.

Despite everything I need to say, with all things, you do in life be shrewd. Try not to utilize cannabis before driving, much the same as you would keep away from some other medication that may unwind you.

Con? Not for a pot!

Products you utilize consistently that can possibly hurt you. How frequently do you take ibuprofen or acetaminophen? Both of those items are sold in stores, are the famous “go-to” for torment alleviation, yet have executed a huge number of individuals. You can overdose on both of those items. Liquor is a legitimate medication. Numerous individuals appreciate liquor and like all things, control is key when drinking it. On the other hand, there are numerous individuals who can’t savor liquor balance. Liquor can bring about individuals to wind up fierce and hurt others, to lose their restraints, and to do things they would never do calm. Unfortunately, numerous individuals have been harmed or executed as the consequence of drinking and driving. Notwithstanding the majority of that, liquor is and will stay lawful, while a sanctioning pot is still a subject of civil argument in many spots.

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The Advantages of Legalizing Marijuana

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It is a typical truth that Marijuana has less destructive impacts than liquor, cigarettes, and weapons.

In spite of the fact that Marijuana is unlawful, individuals keep on offering it and, in addition, smoke it through the bootleg market, and paying little mind to it getting to be 17283_Marijuan_Girllegitimate or not, individuals will keep on smoking it regardless of what the administration says. On the off chance that Marijuana gets to be legitimate, the cops will have less unimportant things to stress over and may focus more on wrongdoings and, in addition, sedates that are really destructive. As opposed to prevalent thinking, there is a tremendous measure of cash connected with the exhausting of Marijuana.

marijuanaCannabis is NOT addictive, yet it is totally and absolutely legitimate to smoke cigarettes that ARE truth be told, addictive and cause tumor among other symptoms. Not just do cigarettes murder you, they execute the individuals around you too. Cannabis is not just a characteristic herb, it is ten times more secure than some other Illegal substance known not.

Maryjane is one of numerous questionable issues confronting America today. It ought not to be a wrongdoing to smoke something regular, and less hurtful than items that do in reality damage individuals that are legitimate.

The quantity of unlawful acts in the condition of West Virginia expand more every day, and an expected a large portion of those criminal acts are because of offering and ownership of the substance.

Weed is NOT illicit to smoke, it is on the other hand, unlawful to be in your ownership. It’s a complete inconsistency that shouldn’t even exist. There are a huge number of American’s that smoke Marijuana and are not delegated hoodlums or “terrible” individuals.

As per Dr. Melanie Dreher, a well known Reefer specialist who has done incalculable studies on the impacts of Marijuana on the human body and the utilization of utilization amid pregnancy, demonstrates with her endless studies that kids being destined to a Marijuana expending mother, has discovered no connection to any type of conception imperfections and that the kids have a tendency to be more intelligent than kids conceived of non-utilizing moms. Consequently demonstrating, Marijuana has much a greater number of focal points than impediments.
It is the reality that there has never been any type of studies done in The United States demonstrating or refuting regardless of whether Marijuana is hurtful or not. On the other hand, there have been various studies in different nations PROVING that Marijuana does not hurt you. Indeed, there are a few advantages of therapeutic cannabis.

It’s likewise genuine that Marijuana can likewise advantage somebody who’s confronting an emotional sickness. It’s a demonstrated reality that the utilization of Marijuana amid a lady’s pregnancy can diminish queasiness and over the top regurgitating and can really help keep up a solid ravenousness, and enhances the kid’s introduction to the world weight.

With the majority of this being said, America is one of the not very many nations that has yet to legitimize Marijuana without notwithstanding considering the logical assets.

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How Addictive Marijuana Is?

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How Addictive Marijuana Is?

Can Marijuana Cause Addiction?

For all of you who are wondering whether marijuana can cause addiction, the answers yes marijuana can be addictive.  However, addiction can be caused by many other stimuli such as alcohol or tobacco.  The overstimulation by the use of endocannabinoid system can lead to changes in the brain, which in return lead to becoming addicted to marijuana.

Who Can Become Addicted To Marijuana?

According to some research, it is estimated that from all the people will use marijuana, 9% will become dependent on it. However, this percentage rises up to 17% in those people who have started to use marijuana at very young age, their teen years.

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Withdrawal Symptoms

People who are addicted to marijuana might experience mild withdrawal syndrome when trying to quit smoking or using marijuana.  The withdrawal symptoms are usually feeling irritated, moodiness, sleep deprivation, decreased appetite, cravings, restlessness and are two types of physical discomfort.  These withdrawal symptoms usually last up to two weeks, and will peak a week after quitting.


Effects Of Using Marijuana

If you are wondering how marijuana affects its users, you should know that heavy marijuana users usually report that they experience lower life satisfaction.  In addition to that, there are also more prone to experiencing relationship problems in social interaction.  Users also have less academic success, and less carrier success.  As for the mental and physical health, more often than not frequent users of marijuana have reported pooper mental and poorer physical health. Also, with the use of marijuana comes the increased likelihood that you will get into an accident or suffer an injury as a consequence of using marijuana.

medical-marijuana-cannabisAlso, a lot of positive effects of marijuana have been recorded.  Especially when it comes to treating certain illnesses and conditions, marijuana has been known to relieve the pain, and even help in preventing the spread of cancer cells.  Marijuana can be used for medicinal purposes in many different ways, and it has a positive effects of curing a range of diseases and their effects.  Namely, it helps alleviate pain in those who suffer from arthritis, or multiple sclerosis; also it can help with glaucoma problems, chronic pain, Crohn’s disease, asthma, and many other conditions.

How To Get A Treatment For Marijuana Addiction

People who want to quit using marijuana, should know that behavioral treatment has had the best effect when it comes to treating marijuana addiction.  Treatment with medication is currently not available for treating marijuana addiction, however therapy has had a positive effect, and also the key to successful treatment for this addiction is motivation.  Therefore, everything you need in order to get a treatment for marijuana addiction is too be determined and motivated that you want to quit marijuana. Remember, even if you experience withdrawal symptoms, they will only last up to two weeks and from then on there is no physical reasons why you should feel addicted to marijuana, only mental ones.

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